Horrible people to deal with. nthey sell you furniture, the sales clerk will tell you satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded. Ah,hahahahahhaha, what a joke. they are liars. nI purchased a sofa from them in november 2008, not two month’s later, the threads in the fabric pull away. I call them, well, i’ll send out Jim, i was told by Cheryl, the Manager, i said i need someone that knows fabric, oh he knows fabric. Out comes Jim, oh yes, i’ve seen this many times before with this manufacturer, Craft Master, we’ve had this very same issue with other fabrics from this manufacturer, great, take this sofa back and replace it, or we can’t do that, they’ll repair/replace the fabric, no i said i don’t want anything to do with this manufacturer, why would I when you just state that there are other issues with them on several other fabrics. There are holes popping up all over the sofa, the fabric is wearing off the sofa. so i dropped off the cushions to carolina furniture so that they could send them all back to the manufacturer for testing. they may just as well test them all as one. then this Joe guy calls and tells me that he’ll charge me with dumping, DUMPING, i didn’t dump anything, i came in to your store handed these cushions to a sales clerk and said, please give these to cheryl, they’re the cushions to this sofa that you sold to me. had i left them outside the store, that’s dumping, i handed them to a sales clerk, who accepted my delivery, on merchandise that is unacceptable. nI also purchased some dining room furniture from them at the same time, well that is junk, the china cabinet was constructed with wood that was previously wet, or this furniture sat in a damp area, as it smells of mildew. nthese people are crooks. nyou’ll find complaints about them all over the internet, Joe Carolina furniture told me that it was other dealers, i said well you believe what you want, but these other people have the same issues that i have so you go figure is what i said.nshuttle pilot nShuttle pilotnbuffalo, New YorkU.S.A.

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