Claiming to have the best customer service does not mean one delivers. Not at all in the case with this store. I bought a mattress from them last year. Supposedly for warranty reasons one has to take the boxspring as well. Neither the mattress nor the boxspring were ready to take at the day of the purchase. They promised to call me, which did not happen. I had to call to check whether the mattress+boxspring had finally arrived. Yes, the mattress, but not the boxspring. Well, since I already have a boxspring getting it was not so urgent for me and a friend of mine just picked up the mattress. Months come and go. In August or September I receive a letter from them – very nasty in its tone, no need to be polite to the customer. They demand that I had to pay all outstanding credit – I had paid everything right at the date of purchase. So I go there and complain about the tone of the letter and being lied to. The answer: this is a form letter that we send out to all customers. Nice! I tell them that I will come and pick the boxspring up as whenever I can make arrangements to get a truck – even though they should have delivered since it was their fault that the boxspring and mattress could not be picked up at the same time. So, now I rented a truck to pick up the boxspring on Saturday – the only possible day for me. I call and let them know and to make sure that the box spring is actually at the location. First call was on Wednesday. What do I learn? The boxspring is in Arden and a half-hearted answer they will see that it will be brought to Waynesville. Next call was on Thursday – again I want to make sure that the boxspring is there, since I’m renting a truck, that means I pay to rent a truck. What do I learn? The box spring is in Fletcher. The box spring sure gets around. However, it is not in Waynesville. I say, I will be there on Saturday around 11:00 am to pick up the box spring. Their answer: The truck does not come until late afternoon on Saturday and that’s when I can come and pick it up. No, I say, that will not be possible for me, my life does not revolve around their store or their schedule. No other options is being offered. I say, if you cannot accommodate now the second time that I want to pick it up, you should deliver the item. Their answer: Oh no, that is not going to happen. I am really angry now since the guy on the other line, the second one I talked to during that phone call is not willing to budge. There is only one solution and that is their solution. He says, we call you when it’s there and you come and pick it up then. I say, don’t you dare to call me. I had shown my anger and then he hung up on me. Don’t even think to get near that store! From numerous other people I have heard the same experience. The item to pick up is always either in Arden or Fletcher but never in Hazelwood. Avoid hassle, avoid inconsideration, avoid this store, don’t give them your business!!!

Waynesville, North Carolina USA


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