Moving scams abound, and this company appears legitimate on the surface with reviews, a website, and a phone number. However, as I quickly discovered, Carolina Movers was anything but a trustworthy, licensed, insured, or reliable business.I was tipped off first by the request, in response to my call, to text the company my move date, start location, and end location (the company voicemail asks you to do the same). Upon doing so, I received a text quote for a price of $1,500 which I agreed to, but found odd since moving companies typically ask more questions about number of rooms, any heavy items, etc. I was promised a contract, and then no information was forthcoming. After repeated attempts to secure a contract, being met with alleged reasons for lack of response, I then received a PayPal invoice with pseudo-contract language (really just an invoice plus the following) that attempted to allow the movers to quit at any time if they didn’t like my attitude, words, or demeanor. When questioned about this language, and also in response to queries for a DOT number (required for interstate moves), insurance information, etc – the so-called owner grew irate and said if she didn’t have the money in the morning, that she would fill the slow. She increasingly grew more and more defensive, acting as if I was victimizing her as I attempted to verify any details, including an actual business location (to which she replied with a Texas address for a SC moving company).Confirming my suspicions of her failure to obey applicable laws, searching for any company information on the state website, or any local address associated with the ‘business’ turned up zero results, and the person refused to provide any company information again. Eventually, I figured out that this was an individual posing as a moving company, running no insurance, obeying no applicable laws, and attempting to avoid any liability for anything that should happen, should the two random people and the truck she rents have any problems.This company in no way is a legitimate mover, and I have filed complaints with the appropriate state and federal authorities. Avoid at all costs.