I ordered a replacement side lamp from this company in mid-May 2016 from junkyarddog.com. I notified the owner that the part must be received by May 27th as I was relocating to another state and would no longer be at the address the part was being shipped to. He assured me that it would arrive by the date communicated as I advised him that I was having parts shipped from two companies in order to ensure that it arrived since my daughter would be driving the car that needed the driver’s sidelamp. The part never arrived. A couple of weeks after arriving at my new location my daughter’s friend sent her a photo of a UPS notice that had been left on our door. I contacted the UPS office who informed me that the part had been returned. I tracked the part until it arrived and was signed for by an employee. i then contacted the owner to discuss the processing of a refund. He proceeded to curse me out horribly (not being sexist, but I’m a female by the way…). I hung up thinking that providing time for him to calm down as he may be having a bad day might work. I called back a couple of days later and advised that I could provide him with the UPS documentation showing that his employee signed for the part and that he had it in his possession. He still claimed that he would not refund my money as I actually had the part. (all the while cursing…) At this time I told him that I would no longer deal with him and that I would go through my bank and they would obtain the money from him. He said this would not happen. I contacted Bank of America to dispute the charge and provided all dcoumentation to them. They, of course, reversed the charges and refunded my money. Fast forward four months later, while preparing my taxes I discover that after the claim had been processed he uses my credit card information without permission and charges me $276 again for the part along with a $26.50 charge for what I have no idea. I have again reported him to my bank and have now researched every online entity that I can report him to. I will also be seeking legal remedies as he has fraudulently used my credit card. Please be sure that you research every company that you place onlne orders from and provide online feedback when you have bad experiences so that you may help others.


Name: CarPartSource.com

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Miami


Phone: 1-800-874-1973

Website: carpartsource.com/