We were lied to, showed us something than what we were getting. Took our money for something that we were not getting. Lied and ripped us off. Stole from us, false advertising. Expensive place, shows something nice but when get there place is a dive and nothing like the model. Think your getting a place like show you, take money than try to put you in run down apt. That is a mess and not ready to move into. Pay high rent for a run down apt. Lie to than take your money for something than they promised. Place is a real rip off. Stay away they are cons. How can they tell people they can move in when place is not fixed up or ready and is a total mess, dive. Please do not go to this apt. Place expensive, a dive, they are crooks and rude. Stay far away. Slum Lords that put on false front


Name: Carriage House Apartments

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Ocala

Address: 2701 NE 7th St # 1300

Phone: 352-620-2629

Website: www.carriageth.com/