Got Free Cruise for 2 and a 1,300 Travel Voucher. It said to call with in 72 hrs.(1st Red light, How would they know when i would open my mail)..? Sounded fishy to me, but i called any way for giggles. A lady answered and stated I won a free cruise with 1,300 travel voucher. She stated all i had to do was pay for Port Charges of 118.00 for each adult and 99.00 for children under 12. I stated if she could send me the contract and I would call her back, then she stated she could not hang up on me and that the computer would cancel my confirmation # and would no longer be eligible. (2nd red light, if i really won then why wouldnt they allow the time frame, also how would they know if I could cover the costs at that exact time?) So i stated that I had insufficient funds and could not cover the costs at that time.. She insisted to get my credit card information any way and she could hold it and I would have 30 days to cover the costs… right….. I declined and she finally understood that I knew this was a scam and hung up… Btw they sent very nice Caribbean ticket like stubs in the mail. It had Ramada, Budget, Alamo, Grand Lucayan, the Bahamas Celebration Logos on the inner first page. Oh and my check was signed by Robert Mitchell. Total Scam!!!..

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