I have never dealt with a breeder as dishonest as Carrie Williams of Carrie Cats . I placed a deposit of $156 on one of her kittens, and signed a contract stating explicitly that the kitten was reserved for me. After I signed the contract , I find out that Carrie does not believe in vaccinating her cats, or taking them for basic veterinary care like deworming. This complicated matters as I needed the cat shipped from Illinois to Massachusetts, and the cat must have a basic health certificate stating that the cat has been vaccinated for distemper, in order to be shipped. Carrie told me she could have her veterinarian make a health certificate without vaccinating the cat, and that this would be good enough for the airline. I was a little uncomfortable with this, but I trusted she knew what she was doing. About a week before the cat was supposed to ship to Boston, Carrie calls me and tells me that she wasn’t able to get the airline ticket because “the Obama adminiatration put such strict regulations on the airlines”” and the cat could not be shipped without the vaccines. I was already emotionally attached to the cat

so I begged her to let me research other options for transporting the cat- such as a courier


or flying in to pick up the cat myself. She agreed to let me try and we got of the phone. About ten minutes later

she called me back to tell me she wasn’t totally honest with me