cars 4 u now llc I now have a “never trust a used car salesman” story. Buyer Beware. stone mountain Georgia!!. It truly saddens me to read other negative reviews about this dealership because our stories are quite similar. I financed a vehicle with them in August. It was a flashy Benz. The owner was there when I made my purchase. He reassured me that the car was in mint condition. I put 3 grand down and extra 1 grand towards future car notes. Clearly, I was a commited customer. The owner offered a third party warranty which was awesome. Coincidens don’t exist. Two days later my car would not start. Got it towed and the Benz dealer (not where I bought the car) told me that It has severe electrical issues. It would cost $2,500 usd to repair. There were other issues but this was the big one. AND it’s not covered by the warranty. The owner could care less. He did offer me another car. But it’s more money. Go figure. It was pure junk. I decl

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