Cars and trucks electrician Charged for a head gasket that blew in two days also charged me to fix a radiator fan that wasn’t broken hollywood Florida!!. Took my car to cars and trucks electrician for a new head gasket and a condeser fanonly two not have my car for over two weeks . When i finally received after a $1800 bill my car neither the radiator or condensor fan was working and difficult to start. Dan the mechanic at this awesome shop told me since i am pulling my car out with out the fans running because of a fan control module $300 repair he was not liable. I took my car home and inspected his work only to notice the power wire was not plugged in to supply power to the fan control module good job Dan almost had me. I connected the wire and attempted to start my car and it was suppiting like crazy i guess this is why they had it running for me. I noticed the wire did the trick and let it sit for my night out. i attempted to start it to go to a friends house and guess wh

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Cars and trucks electrician