cars auto (bill wu) FRAUD!!! queens , New York!!. this MOTHER F* two years and almost as much as the car is worth and i sold this piece of sh* 2004 mazda 6 from this ahole for a third what i bought it for. first, i walked into his ragged old closet of an office and talked prices with the guy and he wouldn’t budge from the original price. he said he would be taking a hit on it. then he hands me a false car fax report, leaving out the part where it said the car had been in a major accident and had been sold at auction to him for less than penny’s. now, the frame was fine. so was the engine, for about a month. this AHOLE put a thick black piece of foam rubber over the film where the check engine light would light up. preventing me from seeing that the car needed to be serviced. hence preventing me from feeling the need to bring it back to him. now, this is blatant un mistakable fraud and just plane bad business tactics. IF THERE WAS ONE PLACE I WOULD AVOID WHEN LOOKING FOR A CAR, IT WOULD BE THIS PLACE. and now, even though the car is sold and its no longer a weight on my shoulders, i still need a fu* car. THANKS bill. i hope you burn in fu* hell for ripping me off.

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