Cars & Credit Mater Deceptive Practices to sell you a LEMON Garland Texas!!. I read the reviews and wished I could say I had the same experience. I will say yes, the staff and sales person were very friendly, but who wouldn’t be when they are trying to get your business and sell you a big purchase such as a car. It was after I purchased the car when I did not feel that I was treated with the same respect. I do not have very good credit, and that is on me. I am going through a divorce and needed a vehicle I could get around in and had enough room for my kids and I (when they were with me). I found, online, two cars I was interested in. Both were Pontiac G6s. Online one of them advertised leather seats. On the phone, I explained that I felt the cars were a bit over priced and the sales person said “were not going to lose a sale over price”. So I went down to the lot. When I got there, both vehicles had cloth. this was not a big deal as that is not my deciding fa

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