Cars IV Scammers Mccomb Mississippi!!. I went to the dealership for a car and was approved for a car. I put down a down payment, signed the paperwork, and drove off. I received a call three weeks later from the salesman telling me that I needed to come back in to resign the palerwork. On August 28th I went in and sat for about four hours. I was told that everything was ok and I left. That following Monday I received another call telling me that I missed a signature page. I went in on September 7rh with my children. I sat for five hours and they were getting ready to close. The salesman told me that there was no loan on the car. ( I live 2hrs away from dealership) he said you need to call someone to come and get you. I began to complain about how unprofessional they were. He then threatened me and pulled two big pickup trucks behind my car and told me that I was not getting any down payment back at all. He turned off the lights and locked the doors in the dealership and left. Me and

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