CarScouts Leasing The Roman Arms Auto Group, dba Car Scouts Leasing and Nerses Arutunyan, aka Duke Ardini Amanda Hope Schneider-Perez BUYERS BEWARE! CARSCOUTS IS A SCAM! Tarzana California!!. This business requires a large deposit, and tells you it will be applied to the car lease. But that is a lie. THEY KEEP YOUR MONEY. NONE OF IT APPLIES TO THE LEASE! They get the price reduced using dealer incentives and promotional giveaways that are widely advertised and fully available to the general public. Then they claim the price reduction is your deposit money applied. But take a look at the lease contract, and guess what. None of your money is credited to the lease. When this happened to me, I asked the salesperson at the dealership and the finance manager where my $1500 went. They said no money was given to them on my behalf. So, I called Amanda at Carscouts, who made this arrangement. Amanda told me my deposit was for a dealer drive off fee. But the dealer reps had al

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CarScouts Leasing