10/14/11 we made a $35,500 purchase from Carter County Dodge, white 2018 3500 4×4, driving 3.5 hrs to find out the check engine lite was on, Andy & Jeremy both told me NO PROBLEM it can fixed at any dealership its under warranty, YES it can, only if Damage was not done prior to the sale, which in our case Chrysler said it was. I have a case pending with Chrysler, the dealership was told by Chrysler REP to fix the truck, as of 10/20/10 NO CALL TO FIX MY TRUCK, 10/20/11 the dash reads ENGINE WILL STOP RUNNING IN 200 Miles SEE DEALER. With the check lite on our truck is DOT (out of service) we can use it HOT SHOTTING. MR.TOM JOHNSON was no help, first said he was going fix the truck, then the Dodge repair dealership in TULSA,OK said MR.Johnson told them he was not going to fix the truck, What a CAT & MOUSE GAME. BEWARE of this Dealership and other own by these folks, ANDY said they was the parent company to KEYSTONE in Sand Springs,OK BEWARE of the lies, remember these names TOM JOHNSON, ANDY, JEREMY they will rip you off. THIS DEALERSHIP IS PAID IN FULL.

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