SCAM…Cardinal Distributions Inc, promises you all of the Bonuses. They state they give you a team leader to drive the van, you go in do the demonstration, then the team leader goes in and makes the sales pitch. Wrong, you do it all while the team leader sits in the van, and HE gets the commission from the sale YOU made. Also, you do not get paid for any of the training you go through. My son just went through 7 days of training along with 9 other people, they started dropping out within 2-3 days, all skeptical this was a scam. So did the others but, needed the pay. Come Friday, they were down to just 2 people (my son and 1 other guy) On the 6th day my son was there a letter was shoved under his nose and he was told to sign it, and he did. Not really knowing what he was signing (because he was not verbally told). On the 7th day he was there, he asked to see the papers he had signed and was told he could not see them. That they were under Lock and Key. When he showed up for work today, they had told him that the other guy had quit as well, and my son was told to go home because he was to skeptical. When he called in to see when he would receive his pay for training he office manager (hiring person) laughed and said “That was the paper you signed on Saturday

you agreed to NOT Get Paid for training!”” My son then said “” You can’t do that!”” and she said “”Yes

we can!”” and before hanging up had the gall to say to him “”McDonalds is looking for you!”” and laughingly”” hung up. We have contacted the NYS Labor Board

they have opened a legal complaint and personal complaint against Michelle (Mitch). And we have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (for which they are not part of). We have also contacted Kirby themselves to let them know what this company (Cardinal Distributions Inc) is doing to reputation. Any outstanding and honest company would be part of. What does that tell you?”

2376 Lyell Ave Rochester, New York United States of America