Cary Ross was my tenant from November 2008 to April 2010. He was hired to re-roof two houses and a shed. He frequently did not show up when he said he would. He was to start one roof December 2008 and did not completed it until mid March 2009. He started the shed roof 2009 and never completed it. It is still missing half of the ridge cap shingles. As a tenant he frequently paid his rent late. I addressed this with him and made it clear to him that he was to pay it on time. I usually found myself hounding him to pay the rent. I finally gave him 60 days notice to move and he did not pay rent after receiving the notice. I applied to evict him and have an eviction order. He finally did move but owes me 3 months rent. I also had to hire someone to haul away all the garbage to the dump. He left behind two truck/trailer loads of construction waste from previous jobs he did plus more loads of discarded house hold garbage and furniture. He has not left me a forwarding address for is mail.

1548 Aldersbrook Rd. London, Ontario United States of America


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