Ur very disorganized homeowner’s association sent bills going back several years to collect fees. I received such a bill from the above firm stating that I should contact them if I disputed the charges. I tried to call them several times and sent to letters to them indicating that I had the cancelled check for one of the erroneously charged years so that the amount needed to be reduced by $600. They never responded and instead sent a letter stating that I had 5 days until May 17 to pay in full and avoid a lien. I again wrote and called them to correct this and got no response. Nor was I able to reach anyone at the HOA to indicate that the amount was incorrect. | The evening before I was to close on a HELOC I was apprised by the Title Company that a lien for $1775 had been placed against my home. I was unaware of this and again called Cohen Warren Meyer & Gitter PC to try and get information and resolve this. For the first time I was able to speak with Ms. Meyer directly. She was rude, dismissive and refused to give me any information stating that it was all a matter of public record and that I should call the county clerk. | The Notice of Lien for $1775 was filed on May 11, 2016 –the day before I received their letter regarding a possible lien and 6 days before the deadline for clearing it up. This was e-mailed to the title company on Sept. 28, 2016 –the day of my HELOC closing. Also e-mailed was a bill for $3126.66 for “unpaid assessments, late fees and legal fees.” It was clear that their intent was to make it impossible for me to clear this up and to trap me into having to pay more to settle the lien. | The actual debt should have been $1175–which was what I was trying to straighten out. Now $1351.66 in legal fees was attached to it. | I called their office and Ms. Meyer answered. Again she was discourteous and said that she could not speak with me unless I had a lawyer. I told her I was not represented by counsel, nor was it my understanding that I needed to be, and I asked her for an accounting/invoice of the services/charges she was levying despite my numerous attempts to resolve the overcharge matter and the fact that I had not received and of the correspondence till the closing. | She told me that she didn’t have to give me anything; that my lawyer should call and she then hung up on me. I immediately called back but the receptionist refused to put the call through to her, repeating that Ms. Meyer said my lawyer (which I had none) should call. All this took place in a very embarrassing fashion at the conference table as I attempted to close on an $880,000 HELOC and was made to look like a dead-beatThe September 28, 2016 letter stated that Cohen, Warren, Meyer & Gitter PC “undertakes to file a Satisfaction of Lien with the Suffolk county Clerk’s Office.” I have called the law office repeatedly to get information since I am not able to retrieve that document from the Clerk’s Office without an Index Number. Typical of this entire process, nothing is communicated to me and I am in the dark on all matters that seriously adversely affect me.


Name: Caryn L Meyer

Country: United States

State: New York

City: Smithtown

Address: 80 Maple Avenue

Phone: 631-265-0010