Complaint: con artist that will promise you cameras and alarm but after they get you to sign the 3 year contract and the alarm installed and complete a questionnaire with monotronics .they will give you the run around and never install the cameras. they even pressured me into lieing to monotronics and say they had installed the cameras already if not I wouldn’t be able to get my complete security system installed. It’s been more than a few months already and cameras are still not installed and since I signed a contract they threaten me to send me to collections and ruin my credit if I don’t comply. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY THEY ARE BAD PEOPLE. And no one ever answers the phone this has been the worst experience ever!!

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Address: 7801 telegraph rd Ste. L Montebello, California United States

Website: 7801 Telegraph rd Ste L Montebello ca 90670

Phone: 8887102203