CASEY CARL STRUNKScottsdale ArizonaDANGEROUS, FRAUD, COMINGLING OF FUNDS, MISREPRESENTATION, EMBEZZLEMENT, FALSE/ALETERED DOCUMENTS, UNREPORTED INCOME, FAILURE TO PAY TAXAfter filing BK Chapt 7 in January 1993 with his first wife Rebecca Otto in Colorado Casey Carl Strunk then divorced and began his path as a salesman moving/being asked to leave from numerous real estate companies and financial securities companies while deceiving clients and investors from their investments through the convenient questionable comingling of their monies deposited into his following various layered shell companies for his personal benefit and the further hiding of these monies into on shore and off shore accounts distant from some of his following victims and the US Internal Revenue Service to evade the payment of taxes.Shell Companies Owned As Sole Beneficiary of Casey Carl Strunk:Joseph Carl Securities IncJoseph Carl Portofio Real Estate LLC dba Diamond GMAC CommercialDiamond Realty IncDiamond Commercial Realty IncJoseph Carl Real Estate LLC dba Diamond GMAC Real EstatePremier Service Mortgage LLCDiamond GMAC Title Agency LLCDiamond GMAC Home Warranty LLC2005/2006/2007 Victims of Casey Carl Strunk Comingling / Hiding of Investment Monies:Michael Barreras $1,500,000 tel 602-695-7578Rachelle Strole $50,000 tel 602-315-1001Richard Garwood $300,000 tel 925-831-9780Karl Stauffer $70,000 tel 602-316-2355Gene Jones $150,000 tel 765-358-3208GMAC Corporation Inc $1,000,000 Countries of Off Shore Accounts:United KingdomCosta RicaSeveral of the Many Banks Utilized Various Accounts:First Merchants Bank NA Munchie IndianaMidFirst Bank Scottsdale ArizonaBMO Harris BankIn 2007 GMAC Corporation gave as a loan Casey Carl Strunk approximately $1,000,000 for an expansion of a GMAC financial operation. On July 7, 2007 Casey Carl Strunk underhandedly with the help of an Arizona legal firm surprised and forced under duress and threat Joy Jones Strunk his second wife to sign onto his second Bankruptcy Chap 7 filing. Through this planned calculated timely filing and his fraudulent representation to the Federal Bankrupcy Trustee that he only had a house, an auto, and $3,000 total assets he was able to extinguish all his obligation to all debtors, lawsuits/litigation against hime by GMAC Corporation, and any investigation into his fraudulent financial conduct while he continued hiding taken monies for his benefit in his on shore layered companies and off shore accounts.This questionable financial conduct by Casey Carl Strunk continued and in 2010 he was audited by the US Internal Revenue Service. Through misrepresentation and questionable documentation he was somehow able to avoid his liability and negotiate an Offer of Compromise for five years. Casey Carl Strunk then failed to file his taxes for 2012. On January 29, 2014 he was contacted by Don Smith IRS Employee #0202332 and team manager Rothenia Walton regarding his Intent To Default The IRS Offer. He later created a 1040 US Individual Income Tax Return for 2012 reporting an incorrect and fictitious adjusted gross income of $54,721 instead of approximately $125,000 with his signature dated February 2, 2014. He then attempted to force Joy Jones Strunk his wife to sign this fraudulent 2012 tax return after she filed for divorce and separated from him in October 2013. Joy Jones Strunk had thought that Casey Carl Strunk had filed their 1040 taxes for 2012 correctly and on time and now became very concerned with his continued fraudulent misrepresentation and its potential harmful effects to her and her two sons. She contacted Don Smith of IRS to discuss her situation. Don was very helpful and assisted her in her filing a sole and separate tax return for 2012 to keep an arms length distance from a developing problem that her husband was now creating for the Internal Revenue Service regarding potential tax evasion.Just recently it was discovered that Casey Carl Strunk continues to have questionable sources of income and continues to misrepresent his income. In an Arizona Superior Divorce Court he represented to the Court under oath that his 2013 income was approximately $50,000 and his first quarter 2014 income was approximately $35,000. The opposing attorney for his wife Joy Jones Strunk then immediately showed through the use of just two of his many bank accounts at MidFirst and BMO Harris Banks that his 2013 deposits and income was over $125,682 and that his deposits and income for the first quarter three months was over $50,987.We have referred and submitted the above information regarding Casey Carl Strunk because over the years 2005 through present he has been a dishonest tax evader to our country’s US Internal Revenue Service and Arizona State’s Department of Treasury. He has caused irreparable financial damage to our taxpayers, his investors, and his family and friends. It is not fair to allow Casey Carl Strunk to continue to get away without paying his fair and responsible share of taxes while the rest of our citizens pay their responsible share of taxes.We pray that you will take the above and use it as a tool and evidence against Casey Carl Strunk in order to investigate his fraudulent conduct and impose the proper fines and penalties on him so that he does not continue his continued deception and harm as described above.Concerned Arizona and United States Citizens and

Scottsdale, Arizona USA