Casey’s General Store Montrose, Mn Bad Gas sold at Casey’s General Store Montrose Minnesota!!. I saw John’s letter from Litchfield (he purchased gas in Cokato). I have had a similar experience with Casey’s in Montrose. My situation was a bit more costly. Filled up and went to pick my Son up in Ames, Iowa on Thanksgiving Day. My car sputtered and died on the exit to Ames off of Hwy 30. Towed to Ford Dealership and with a quarter tank of gas their was a lot of water and debris, enough that the car would not run. The Plugs were fouled and three fuel injectors were clogged with debris. The diagnosis is clearly stated on the repair bill. When I contacted Casey’s Mindy Brincks coresponded with me via email and gave me the runaround. She would not show me documents proving that their tests showed no water in their tanks the day I purchased gas and said that there was no other complaints. I was offered $250.00 for compensation with no admission of guilt. It costs me over $900.00 dollars in repairs and gas for trip back to Iowa to exchange lowner car to ford and pick up my vehicle. I will be taking them to consiliation court instead, where I plan on asking for compensation for time on the road, time spent in the rain, consiliation court costs and the costs of summoning the gas testing documents. I will also be asking for an hourly fee for research like this to find individuals like John who were also told this was an isolated incedent which proves his claims and mine were invalid. Hoping this will get other individuals who were told there claims were invalid to speak up. Is there any other individual out there who purchased gas from Casey’s stores around the 17th of November 2018 who also were told that their claim was an isolated incedent and therefore invalid.

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