August 25, 2015 I got gas in my Toyota Prius and also filled a 5 gal can. Shortly after leaving Caseys, my check engine light came on. I didnt think much about it till i seen my gas mpg go down to 31 mpg from avg of 49mpg. I filled my lawn mower and pull behind lawn vac, and started mowing and after 5 minutes the vac shut down and John Deere mower stopped. Then i put the gas in my Cub Cadet to finish mowing and that stopped. I did call Caseys in Cokato and let them know about the problem gas. Of coarse the had not any other reports. After draining out the Casey gas , i put in gas from Phillip 66. They are all running fine now. For years i have bought gas at Caseys and never had a problem. If you have a check engine light come on , it might just be a bad batch of gas. Im done with Caseys , even the home office blew me off. I told them i would keep the old gas for them to test. They just dont care.


Name: Casey’s General Stores

Country: United States

State: Iowa

City: Ankeny

Address: Casey’s Distribution Center, 1 Convenience Blvd.

Phone: 1(515) 965-6276