Well my daughter was scammed through Snap Chat via Cash App. So I tried to assist her with getting her money back. We called our bank to stop those transactions, we weren’t able. My daughter thought she was calling a Cash App Customer Service number. Come to find out Cash App doesn’t have Customer Service representatives they only communicate through email. Well we didn’t know that prior to speaking with someone that posed as a representative. We were on a conference call and they made it seem like in order for us to get our money back we had to have had a transaction with the person who is trying to get their money back. I feel so bad because the questions they were asking were so much but they were able to text us and provide us a code imitating Cash App. So as we were providing the codes they were telling us we had to log off our Cash App in order to reimburse us which I was thinking to myself why. I did it because I thought I was able to help my daughter get her money back. Actually they were able to take my money and my son money because we were conference in to assist my daughter with her being scammed. In actuality we all got scammed. $725 was taking out of my Cash App and $188 was taken out of my bank account. $200 was taken out of my son Cash App account as well. My daughter was scammed out of $300 out of her account using Cash App. It was a chain reaction. I’m so upset with myself because I knew I didn’t want to log off my Cash App account and I did because I thought I was able to get her money back. Now that I play it over in my head it was big mistake. I filed a police report for us I just want my money back and I want more accountability via Cash App. They are dealing with people money, and speaking with someone through email isn’t enough accountability. Our banks can’t do but so much. I’m so frustrated that this happened and normally I’m smarter than this. I was just trying to help my daughter.