Call you off 3 different numbers and ask you to go purchase a greendot money pack voucher to prove


My Complaint: About three months ago I was on my computer.i had set up a yahoo page and linked it to my face book page i kept receiving pop-ups of different kind of surveys in order to process my set up i had to take these surveys or net work is not responding. i applied on line for a loan.i kept noticing this number above on my cell so i called it back on Monday the person whom stated his name Michael miller loan officer at cash net USA i asked where he got my name phone number address birthday social security number from.he told me who i was and repeated all my personal information to me.he told me that they company cash net USA had been trying to contact me about my loan application off the internet.that i was approved for a loan but the minimum amount i could bar was 2000.00dollars so he asked me to verify my bank information i told him i don’t have no bank he placed me on hold to speak to his head department manager who said his name was jack Wilson he said his employer #was si7456 and he even repeated to me all my personal information including my bank information i told him i no longer have that account. Mr.Wilson informed me that since i no longer has this account at meta bank that in order for me to get this loan i would have to go purchase a greendot money pack voucher and show proof that i would be trust worthy and he would not take money off the greendot voucher that he just needed proof to put in my file that i did have the necessary means to pay back the loan for 2000.00dollars i had to purchase a moneypack voucherfor185.00and call him when i got it .so i went Tuesday morning to cvs and got the first money pack i didnt get a chance to call him he was calling me .i gave him the number off the voucher.he told me that they couldn’t take the money off the voucher it was only for loan purpose to show that i could pay it.he told me that in 45 minutes he will call me back after finishing all necessary papers and he would send me2185.00through western union.before 45 minutes was up he called me back and said in order to give me the loan i would have to go and get another money pack loan 100.00 cause they company had to pay outstanding federal income tax 2012 in the amount of 390.00 dollars and they would call me as soon i give them. okay i went to family dollar store purchased a 100.00 greendotvoucher.i called him with information.he told me he will call me in a hour with all information to get my loan plus the moneypack voucher okay that’s 300.00dollarsworth green dot money pack+2000.00dollars loan.he called back with a bogus mtcn# 9033463261 i go into western union fill out pick up money form the amount that i was to pick up was 3 moneypack voucher refund 1 =189.95+2=103.95total amount + loan amount2400.00.after all this i lost my 400.00and didn’t get no Wednesday morning i received a call from a mr.graig miller employer of this same company he said that i was a victim of a scam these people are scam artist and that if i would go and purchase another moneypack card for42.00 he could return my money 400.00dollars +2000.00dollars loan i told him i was not purchasing no more money pack vouchers if he couldn’t get it off my western union prepaid card that he was going to load the 2400.00dollars on my western union prepaid card.and he would call me back in 5 before he could take any money i called meta bank and reported this fraud from Tuesday with this same company and she told me to cancel the card and they will send me a new card. now that 400.00 was rent money for February. now i lost my rent money to these people i cant pay my rent for this month .im a50 year old single parent on disability income 725.00 a month somebody please catch these criminals.