CASHMAX AUTO TITLE LOANS Reynoldsburg Ohio CASHMAX AUTO TITLE LOANS Repo of my truck when I had a promise to pay agreement day after Christmas! Columbus Ohio!!. I called in December 22nd to ask if would be possible to pay the loan the Friday after Christmas so I could get some gifts for my family. I spoke to the girl an entire 5 minutes about the situation , she said she would note the account and it was no problem. The day after Christmas, They came and Repoed it Anyway! I begged for them to help me and listen to the recorded call but no one there cares and has told me I am out of luck. I can’t believe some girl forgetting to push the computer keys has caused my to lose my truck, and next will be my job and then my house. CASHMAX has ruined my family’s life. Unbelievable it’s that easy to take from us little people. Shame on your company.

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