Straight no good, trouble right here. A simple night out on town is where I first met her (Cassidy D’Arpini). She was waitressing at the MGM casino in Detroit. We first got to talking, and we both immediately seemed to click. Yeah I got to know her so well. I knew she had one kid and that of course doesn’t bother me. What bothered me is that she seemed extremely interested in me, and gave me her number. Close to a year later, thousdands of dollars later, and this small world shocking discovery. Is where I discovered to find out she’s more then a waitress at the casino. But after discovering how shady she was it was to late. It blew my mind and this has to be a warning to all of the fellas, and guys who frequent the Detroit casino. My one friend and I discovered that not only was I the only guy she met and been sleeping with from the casino, but found out she was doing the same to my buddies friend. After my own type of snooping. I discovered on her phone that she was not just hustling my buddies friend and me, but a good handful of us guys of all ages. She would even be sending sexy nude pics to all of these guy’s and even in exchange for a good tip$$$. Even came across one text message where she was thanking one of these guys on taking her out and paying her rent. When I confronted her on this nonsense, and how I am not her only boyfriend she immediately of course denied anything, and said I was BS ing. Gentleman Just want to warn everyone of this hustling casino waitress. She will act like your girlfriend, and best friend. She’s nothing but a glorified hooking waitress, with a list of guys she messes around with, and a handful of sugar daddies. Wish I wasn’t such an idiot, and get suckered like this.