Steve bowerman, aka stephen d bowerman, and other assorted alias’ that may be found on the alaska court website, under the stephen d bowerman name took | Money in the last two | Months of dec of 2015 and the first 5 | Months of 2016 for a total of 10,950 dollars and has not refunded nor delivered the puppies promised. He tells wild stories about what dogs he is using and then once | He has your money does not | Communicate what is going on. All he needed to do is be honest, communicate and refund our money. He promised to do so yet his promised dates | Are | Long | Behind us and we continue to hear "stories" that the seven of | Us are the tip of | The ice berg. We are disappointed and angry!


Name: Cassiopeia

Country: United States

State: Alaska

City: Wasilla

Address: 4971 E Crane road

Phone: 907-355-7120

Website: www.cassiopeiabouviers. Com