web services scam, don’t belive that their going to make your child a star


My Complaint: Casting Hub advertises itself on New England local radio stations as being a casting agency for Disney and children’s television shows and movies. We went to the audition, and they told us that our son did great. They told us that if he was chosen to move on to the next level, they would call back that night. They ended up calling, and setting up a second audition for the next day. There was no second audition. What this company does is get parents to take their children to the “auditions”, then they hit them up to become a “Verified” member at anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000, depending on how long you choose to be in their database. They basically tell you that if you become a “Verified” member, they will market your children to casting agencies across the country, setting up auditions. The “Talent Agent” that we spoke with made the hard pitch, told us that he needed an answer that day. I got scammed because of the excitement look and hope I saw in my son’s eyes. 6,000.00 for nothing.
My Demand: alert every single parent and stop their scam