Company Cjb In NyMichelle Davis processing and summons division of legal outsourceRetained to serve papers regarding fraud investigation said I was given373.30 may 28th 2015 into bank account.Castle payloanNow owe 873.33Contact Office @ 877-331-5185Case # B113-555wouldn’t give any paper’s until "served" orGive Request release of order form outside of linn county was threatened thatMy license Would-be suspended until my restitution was paid off and full that I now owed. Also that I Would-be served papers to go to court for the Mistermeter charge of writing a fraudulent check to a payday loan company Without the intention of repaying itBank of the West. No records Fax 319,298, 5540 Melissa bank manager 1st aveLastly called castle loan @ 888-945-2727 and found out its really called Big picture loan. Was told on 6-5-2017 @ 1:41that there was a Submitted application on March 25 2015 that was denied and I owe nothing. No active obligations. By Rain employ # 2076