Castle Used Cars Inc. Castle Cars DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THEM! THEY WILL SELL YOU A LEMON!! Jacksonville Florida!!. I purchased a 2006 Ford F250 on 07/02/16 a Saturday afternoon, paid $16,000 cash. I drove the truck for less than 2 hours noticed it was jerking. I parked it and tried to contact Castle cars but they were closed till Monday. Monday morning i took the truck to a diesel mechanic shop and they said the transmission was bad. The mechanic stated transmissions donu2019t go out over night and the Castle cars would have know of the issue. They quoted me $5,200 to fix the transmission. I called Victor at Castle cars on Monday, he said he would talk to the owner and call me back. I didnu2019t hear back from him. I went to Castle cars on Tuesday only to be told by the owner that he drove the truck for 4 days aNd noticed it was doing that but decided to sell it anyways. HE KNEW ABOUT THE ISSUE AND NEVER SAID ANYTHING TO ME BEFORE I PURCHASED THE $16,000 TRUCK!!! I feel they are responsible for replacing the transmission as they sold me a LEMON!! They knew the transmission was bad and never said anything to me. They let me buy a vehicle knowing it had major damage to it!! DO NOT BUY A VEHICLE FROM THEM!!

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