Castlebranch is very invasive and misleading. At the end of the report discover that they are charging $62.00 for the report..but your receipt will say $75.00.. For an additional fee they will “expedite” your report with a promise to deliver in 4 days. A couple of days later, for will be hit for an additional $13-$15.00. They don’t ask you, they don’t warn you..they just automatcially charge you. In the end you pay $100.00 … Please Do Not Use An E Check! | Using an E-Check requires these Dinosaurs to hold up your process for nearly 10 days before they start. Ten minutes after completing this process I tried to cancel and they said I COULD NOT! What? I was told to let it go though..then it would take them an additional 10 days to refund my money. Twenty days they have your cash and your life screwed and if you checked the little boxes…(Which you never expect to be your hang noose) | Even though they charged me and promised results in 7 days, they did not deliver ciring that they are at the mercy of the State “reporting” clerk. I also ahve been a victim of identity theft – I made a point of asking them to only search under name and ssn# given…but they did no such thing. I had homeland security run my background check it came back 24 hours. I had the police secretly run my background check it came back in 8 houirs. Today I learned that they can take up to 30 days.. and they don’t have to update the client file. Who can afford to wait 30 days to be cleared to work and and another 30 days to get a paycheck? | They double talk, don’t all have the same knowledge,tell you there is nothing that you or they can do. Worst dang experience of my life.. Do not ruin someone’s life by hiring this company. They are feckless and inefficient!


Name: CastleBranch

Country: United States

State: North Carolina

City: Wilmington

Address: 1845 Sir Tyler Dr

Phone: 888-723-4263