A salesman came to the house one night selling water filtration units installed. He made his presentation and he couldn’t close the sale. He came back the next night with a better deal. After I got the deal I thought was fair, I signed the offer sheet.When the bill came back it was the one I did not want. I called the company and reported it. They said that the salesman had been fired, and they transferred my callto the credit company. The credit company said there was nothing they could do about it. The salesman did not work for them and I had to pay the loan. The loan was $3895 and the payments was $77.90 a month. I made 27 payments before I found out they had a lien on my house. The VA offered to refinance my mortgage for a lower rate and discovered the lien. I called Castle Credit and they said I owed $205 in late fees that I did not know about. My due date was the 21st of the month and if I paid on the 22nd there was a late charge. If I paid the $205, David sa

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