Cat Auto Transport Michael Chaves, Michael Chavez They ordered 500+ worth of parts and did a charge back with the credit card company. Rumford, Rhode Island Rhode Island!!. This customer registered on our website and ordered a $500 set of diesel head studs. At the time we didn’t notice that his IP address was anonymized (using TOR). He had the part shipped to a mail forwarding place. After about 5 days, we get a credit card chargeback saying that this was a fraud order. I reached out to Michael Chaves numerous times and he told me it was all a misunderstanding. That is b*******. I found other companies he ripped off in the same way. I tried contacting the Iowa (where we do business), and Rhode Island Attorney General. Since this was an internet crime, they didn’t have any interest in doing anything. Here is a link to court records showing some of Michael’s previous run-ins with the law: Anyway, he is a thief and I would not do business with him. BEWARE!

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