Complaint: I ordered 1 of these last night, it was the buy one get one free, and pay the extra 7.50 for shipping, fine, so i’m getting two for the price of one and paying twice the shipping, fine this is what i decided before i ordered. THEN i bought the item and the grand total was 71.78 unfreakin believable. They charged me for 4 of these plus 4x shipping and handing. I am in alberta so I am waiting another hour until their offices open at 8 where i will call and tell my problem, and then I can just picture calling my visa right after to have the charges cancelled. These guys are scams for sure.. should have just bought one on ebay from korea… dammit

Tags: Cat Breeders

Address: P.O. Box 42 CONCORD, Ontario Canada


Phone: 866-343-5007