Never received my order, and now won’t refund


My Complaint: I don’t know if this is a scam, or just horrible customer service. I ordered a hammock through a Living Social coupon with Cautivadora in early July. Cautivadora said they were back-ordered and it would take 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, and no hammock, I emailed them to check status…their phone number just goes to voicemail. After a week of no response, I emailed again. Nothing. Another week, emailed again. Nothing. I finally got a response two months after I placed the ordered, apologizing and telling me they were still back-ordered and they’d ship out soon. After another 3 weeks, Living Social refunded my money, due to a bunch of complaints on this company not filling the hammock orders. I also got an email from Cautivadora explaining their shock and sadness that Living Social did that, saying that they’d still honor the price if we still wanted the hammock, but for those that didn’t, they’d refund shipping. This was in early September. I replied saying I would like a refund on shipping, since the trip I wanted the hammock for had passed a week prior. No response.I emailed two more times since then, the most recent one being a little pissed. It’s now the end of October, and still have not received a refund on the shipping. I hate them.


My Demand: I want the shipping cost refunded for the hammock I never received.