Complaint: bcn inc clled my cell and left a recorded message. i was recievind a suppeona for some fraudulant accounts ant needed to call them 401-680-9854 asap to settle the 2 accounts. once i recieved the summons i would have no legal rights. i called and gave my ref# and was told my iether malesa or lavesha, i couldnt realy understand her, that she would not send the suppeona if i payed the balance of 1023 or down payment and 5 monthly instalments from my checking account. it was an old adress from hawaii atleast 8 years ago when i cared for my mom who had cancer. i told her i did not live there and she said that was my problem since i hadnt recieved any notices fro theses fraudulant acounts. she said there was my picture and ssn and that i would recive a summons at my hpme in 24 hrs if i didnt comply. i was would have to pay for a plain ticket to hawaii . i got scares, even though i didnt understand any of it, i gave her my adress in ohio and my payment for 100 out of my ssi. im un enployed and only have ssi. she said i would recieve an email but i have not and they are still calling me with the same message but other reference #. what can i do, they noe have my info and checking account debit card…. my name is terry merifield….1265 e 168 st cleveland ohio 4414. address in question was 114 n kuakini apt 808 honolulu hi 96815.

Tags: Legal Process Servers

Address: Nationwide USA

Website: unknown/

Phone: 401 680 9854