CBR imports and trucks Recently bought a car there and was told they was told The cars were pre-certified and when I looked at the oil tag and the mileage it Hadn’t been driven for at least over three years Orangevale California!!. So from what I can tell the cars been sitting there for a little bit over 2 to 3 years without an oil change and that was minimal yet not done they try to sell me with the reports knowing very well that they hadnu2019t done much to it themselves my question is do I need to change the oil in the transmission the tires were almost bald back window doesnu2019t roll down my electric remote for the car on driver side also BadOver all car is nice as far as I can tell right now I really hope I didnu2019t make a mistake on the good side they in house financed me and gave me a low percentage interest nevertheless keeping half of my deposit but I need a car

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