C&C Mattress has a web site and slick web blog that portrays itself as experts in fighting for consumers. It claims it protects consumers against unsavory and unethical practices by others in the mattress business. We found out the hard way that it’s all a bogus come on.nThey are located in New Jersey . . . that should have been a red flag. nOur involvment with C&C Mattress began after researching mattresses online. After reading their ASK THE EXPERT mattress blog, I thought they were safe. Everything they claim they don’t do turns out to be exactly what they did to us. nWe purchased a Sealy Springfree Mattress. It arrived but the delivery men refused to open the box to inspect. We figured it would be fine after hearing all of C&C Mattress assurances. Turns out the mattress was defective. We sent pics of the hole in the side of the mattress to them within an hour of delivery. C&C Mattress saw the pics and agreed it was an obvious factory defect. nThey told us not their problem, to get it repaired by a local person and they would pay the bill. We reminded them that we did not agree to pay for a defective mattress needing repair but rather WE PAID FOR a top of the line SEALY mattress with no defects. After 3 weeks they still refused to replace the mattress. Does this sound like the 100% customer satisfaction a guarantee return claimed by their web-site? nStevenSt. Louis, MissouriU.S.A.

2095 RTE. 70 East Cherry Hill, New Jersey U.S.A.


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