This is a failing startup company with no money and it is running out. Over a 6 month span there have been several instances where the owner cannot make payroll and we are not getting paid. Ebony Edwards is the HR president is immature, backbiting and unprofessional. | The first time, we didn’t get paid for over 6 weeks. For the last three months, we’ve been only getting half-pay for a number of weeks, and are still owed several thousand dollars for the missing half. This week, we simply didn’t get paid at all and then halfd the staff got laid off! | Despite this, we are expected to come into work and keep working “business as usual,” after losing my title and getting a paycuit and are often expected to put in overtime too. The CEO keeps promising that the money is coming from investors and we will be rewarded for our commitment, but half of us were rewarded with a layoff and the other 60% paycuts!. Most normal businesses would do a temporary layoff if they could no longer afford their staff, but this place seems to think employees should be able to work for free. | This is not legal. Most states have laws that spell out how frequently you must be paid and how long that pay must be issued after the pay period ends. There are hefty fines, and often even jail time, for violating these laws. Some states also require a delinquent employer to pay employees a “waiting time penalty,” I think I am going to sue.

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