CDL Truck Solutions Used commercial truck dealer Acampo CA!!. In July 2018 I purchased a 2018 Kenworth T-680 from this company. From the first day the drivers side door would not lock and the APU had the 50 Amp fuse block burnt out and the new batteries would not hold the required 9.5 volts to crank the engine. Fuses and lights in the cab would not work. The Chinese knockoff steer tires they put on had shifted belts that required nearly sixteen ounces of weight to stop the wobble somewhat. The day the truck left their lot the check engine light would turn on for several hours then turn off, only to return a short time later, I would learn later this was the beginning of the EGR Cooler failure. After putting only a few thousand miles on the truck a DOT inspection was required by a carrier I began hauling for, three out of the four brake chambers were found to be leaking air on application. It had two leaking hub axle gaskets needing to be replaced. Then the big problems began to arise. The check engine light from day one was the EGR system failing. Once that happened I took the truck to a KW dealer to diagnose the derating problem and before they could repair the EGR cooler they noticed the Charge Air Cooler was leaking air and had to be replaced. This appeared to be caused by a front end collision that required the hood to be replaced by the previous owner but they did not replace the leaking Charge Air Cooler or the bent Air Conditioning Condenser. After KW replaced the Charge Cooler I took the truck home to Sparks, NV and had Peterbilt replace the EGR Cooler. All of this happened in less then twenty thousand miles after leaving their lot. I have paid seven or eight thousand dollars out of my pocket and lost tens of thousands of dollars of revenue in down time since owning this truck. I feel this vehicle was not DOT inspected properly by the shop in Stockton nor was the collision damage disclosed to me. As can seen by the fault code printouts the mileage showed the EGR Cooler problem was starting at or before their lot and should have dealt with then before I took delivery of the vehicle. If you are not an expert at identifying these problems you will need to bring one with you to inspect any vehicle purchased from this dealer as you cannot rely on them to disclose or repair these malfunctions. Needles to say I am not happy with the condition of this truck and I would like to know how a vehicle could be run to failure like this one was and not repaired but merely pawned off on an unsuspecting buyer. I was under the impression that the relationship their company had with Pacar financial would insure I was getting quality piece equipment, but that was not my experience with this transaction. Please be advised, John Pallaoro

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