Complaint: Sandra Lynn Appleton the owner of CeCe’s Closet Estate Sales LLC is the most disrespectful and dishonest person and company that I have ever done business with. Less than a week after the Orlando Pulse night club shooting, she has multiple sales with guns available to the public without the need of special documents or background checks. Both of which were less then 3 miles from the incident. Not only is it common and easy to forage a concealed weapons permit which is the only thing she required, it’s unethical that she would do this so shortly after this major event. I am a NRA member and we all believe at our last meeting that this was a bad reflection of SAFE gun control. When I went to one of her sales she was very rude with me and my wife, making very derogatory remarks about African American people as my wife is black, she had her staff follow us around as if we were going to steal things, I’ve been to many other companies and never had something like that happen to us before. She’s even talked about trying to shut down her other companies competition sales that were going on the same weekend. We’ve seen her pull up other companies sale direction signs. She charges taxes and has NEVER turned in the sales slips to the irs and paid her taxes, Anything you search for about this company on sunbiz is EXPIRED. If you look at her other reviews you can see this is not the first time she’s done this and it won’t be the last, She claims she has insurance for her company and when we asked to see it it was conviently not available for us to see, what if another customer got hurt during the sale and needed the information??

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