Total amount due was: $386.76. I originally paid a portion of my health bill – $80.00; but before I received a new invoice reflecting this payment toward the account and a new lower balance from Cedars, Cedars Sinai kept sending instead “pay in full/collection”” notices. n So I then paid the entire amount due on the account – $386.76 having forgotten about my initial $80.00 payment. nI called Cedars to get my $80.00 credit on March 11th

having to go thru an entire automated beaurocratic phone system where only messages could be left. nOne week later

on March 18th

a guy named Michael tells me it is going to take six (6) weeks! to pull the records. nI call back six weeks later — Monday

April 29th. I talk to Angela (323) 866-8600 (account number 31315926) who tells me the records were requested but have not been received and Michael no longer works at the company and now the process has to start all over again so that I have to wait indefinitely. nI asked to speak to a supervisor — Dena Jackson — who is unavailable and since noone oversees this part of Cedars Sinai billing / collections department