After we fired Sonny, we had to take apart a lot of the work he had done. It’s amazing some of the things this guy tried to pass as good work. He installed our towel warmer, which did not work. After taking it back to the store several times, we found out there was absolutely nothing wrong with the warmer, it was Sonny’s handywork that was the problem. When he jammed the warmer in, the connection dislodged. This very heavy warmer was held up by 2 cheap little plugs, the rest of the screws were just pushed into the drywall. You could just pull out these screws with your fingers. And to make it worse, the holes were not even lined up properly. We had to patch up the holes, repaint and do it all again. Where the holes should’ve been were at least a few inches off from where he put them. What an incompetent idiot.
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