They say you will be paid for them to use your Facebook account $50.00 but its not true one of the contact people is Lisa Mancino The Company also goes by the name 50 A POP NYC one of the first steps they want you to download Teamviewer and then you set up an appointment on the computer then they call you on your date of appointment then they login into your computer to access your facebook account they install some ads into your Facebook they have to go into your ads section in facebook I recorded the whole thing on my tablet of the things they did on Facebook They also put a there credit card on your Facebook account and say they will pay you $50.00 for the ads they put on. I thought this would be a cool idea but at the end I got nothing ZERO!!!!! Don’t be a fool like I was in the end you get nothing. Also this Lisa person has a Google Voice number I should have known something was up when I seen this.