Complaint: “This pharmacy is a scam they claim u don’t need a prescription and they will send u any narcotic u order they don’t send u anything once they steal ur money they will write u a threatening email to leave them alone and try and scare u that he is going to report u his name is vikram sharma a scumbag from India trying to rob us Americans be smart and if u read his site it says he only sends u a membership and cd right under the pills where it says order here he keeps closing down his sites when too many people get scammed and people write reviews on ripoff and then he opens new ones his other sites were beckmanmedical and excel pharmaceuticals. Now this is his new one for the month. Read his entire page it says he don’t send u pills only a cd which u don’t get anyway I am enclosing images so u can see read it thoroughly THERE IS NO PHARMACY ON LINE THAT U CAN BUY A NARCOTIC WITHOUT A SCRIPT they r all fake and steal ur money no matter how good the websites sound that’s what they do make it sound believable so u send them money and get scammed”””

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Address: Internet USA