In 2012 I refinanced my home and Cenlar bought the loan. Like before I refied my home with Cenlar I paid an extra $50.00 to escrow. I will never pay this house off in 30 years, I would be 93 years old, so I pay an extra $50.00 a month into escrow, it’s like a saving account with no interest. The first year, 2013 I recieved an overage in my escrow account of almost $700.00. The second year/ 2014 I had an overage in my escrow I recieved an overage check for $600.00 and change/ The third year/ 2014r I recieved an overege check for $400.00 and change .This year/2015, I recieved a letter stating I didn’t have enough money in escrow, so my house payment went up $17.00 a month. Once your paymen goes up, just like anything else. never comes back down. I have called and called, and I get different answeres every time I call. Finally one lady sent me a action report for my account that goes back only one year. I was informed that they can go back only ONE YEAR for reports. Now, what’s wrong with this picture??? From where I retired, we could go back from the start of the loan, no matter how long. I found out that Cenlar is a BANK!! And the banks are what got us in this reccion. You know the rest.

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