I responded to an ad to be a speaker recruiter for this organization. After a detailed phone interview about my qualifications and a sample of how I would go about recruiting speakers, I was accepted as an independent contractor. I was to work from home about 6 hours per week to recruit a speaker for upcoming sessions. When I was able to get speakers, the staff member whom I interviewed with always had a reason why I couldn’t get paid. First is “we don’t accept consultants” (nothing mentioned before I started and nothing in the written expectations). Next “speaker was too far away from event” (even though the speaker was willing to come to do the workshop at their own expense) and it went on from there. After contacting the executive director, (who was supposed to vet each speaker recruited and get back with me on the status) via two social networking sites, telephone and finally email and not hearing from him, on the status of the speaker or for clarification on why I would not get paid even though the speaker was accepted to do the workshop, he backed his fellow staff member. Even after I forwarded the email that proved that nothing was mentioned that they do not pay for consultants, he chose to ignore it and not communicate with me. I put in a total of 20 hours worth of recruiting time into recruiting speakers, and was able to get two speakers. I received nothing in return! This organization doesn’t believe in honoring its mission or its contractors and should not be dealt with! They are disingenuous in the way they do business! Any non profit that doesn’t show appreciation for its contractor doesn’t need to be in business and certainly shouldn’t be supported by anyone financially! Do not work for this company as a recruiter! I find the staff to be dishonest and incompetent! Find another organization’s workshop to attend or better yet, find one that doesn’t take advantage of the skills, professionalism and hard work of others! There is no success when you wrong others, especially when they work hard to accommodate your organization! This organization can use a workshop on How To Deal Honesty With Consultants, and Learn How To Create Win Wins Situations!