Central Auto & Tire Stay away from this repair shop Bedford Ohio!!. I took my car in, In at the end of January to have a repair done i dropped the car off and less than an hour they were calling back to say they had replaced the part and that the car was ready, The window worked while i was there the next day it stopped working again, I went back to the shop and let them know it wasnt working again and i just paid for the repair a day ago, at that time the guy that told me they had replaced the part was talking to the mechanic sayiing that they have repaired the part and they are going to order the switch and as soon as it came in they would call me and fix my car , a week went by and i hadnt heard anuthing so i went back up there they wanted me to leave the car and they would call by the end of the day i never heard from them and the shop closed. Sunday i went up there looking in the bays for my car it wasnt there, i looked behind the building in another parki

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