CENTRAL Avenue Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Andrew Floyd & Jarred Andrew Floyd and Jarred REFUSED to refund my deposit! They were unprofessional and Disrespectful Yonkers New York!!. Please beware DO NOT buy a car from ANDREW FLOYD or JARRED, They are unprofessional and disrespectful, out right liars. I went in to Jeep on 12/8 with the intention of getting a Jeep. I went it kind of late so I ended up putting a deposit down. I asked JARRED the sales associate CLEARLY that if I changed my mind at any if I was entitled to a refund. He told me that I was, I asked him several times to assure myself because I didn’t not want any situation. Needless to say I decided to go with a different car. When I went back to get my money back I was angrily met by Mr. Andrew Floyd who angrily refused to give me my money back. He lectured me regarding taking to long to get back to them and essentially how I wasted his time. He said that had I gotten back to him earlier he would have refunded my money but since he lost out on money he would not be returning my deposit. He yelled and disrespected me on the floor, when I told him that Jarred had clearly stated that I would receive a refund he arrogantly responded “who is he”. Jarred did not even show his face. He hid behind his boss and did not take responsibility for the fact that he lied to my face. I informed the manager of those dealership Mr. Jonathan Grant immediately via e-mail, the email I sent Is posted below…Hopefully he had the decency to return my money. But please if you do decide to go there, do.not spend your energy with Andrew Floyd or Jarred they are complete liars and thieves. Good Evening Mr. Grant & Mr. Oliveri, I am e-mailing you to complain regarding the complete unprofessionalism at your dealership. I came in today to get a refund on the deposit that I made a couple of weeks back on a Jeep Cherokee. I decided to change my mind and go with a different car. I was told originally by the sales associate, Jarred, that I could change my mind at ANY time and get a refund, I asked several times before I put that deposit down because I wanted to be absolutely sure. I spoke to Jarred over the phone and told him I had changed my mind a couple of weeks later and also told him that I would be picking up my money prior to coming to the dealership. When I arrived I was met by Andrew Floyd who angrily and disrespectfully told me that I would not be getting MY money back because I did not call them “a day or two” after to let them know I changed my mind. Regardless of whether I called or didn’t call I was told by YOUR employee that I would get my money back if I changed my mind and he didn’t give me a “timeline”. I have never been so completely disrespected, I was yelled at on the floor like a child because THEY felt some way or the other about a phone call. Andrew felt that it was appropriate and necessary to yell and deny me my refund because they didn’t make a sale and felt he wasted his time. It was disgusting and I am highly appalled at his behavior and the behavior allowed by the dealership. I was humiliated in front of the staff and several customers, it was ridiculous. I will be taking my complaint further up the line because keeping my deposit is completely unacceptable and unprofessional especially when your employee had clearly stated I could get a refund at any point

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