This company is trying to collect a debt that is 4 years past the Florida statute of limitations. when I stated this the callers stated that due to new rules from Obama that they can still collect . I then asked for the address of her company and she screamed that I was harassing her . | So I asked how am I doing that asking for a address she then said that they do not give out there address so people can’t threaten them …..I am very confused as they called screaming and yelling that they where taking me to court when I said they where past the legal statues of limitations. | After researching they lie !!!! I will show up in court if they actually do as they say with all my original paper work that is now 8 years old very nasty company I had to ask 3 times for the company name as they talked so fast and slurred I could not understand


Name: Central Awareness Collections

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Fort Myers


Phone: 406-998-1199