Central Kia Carrollton/Lewisville The New Central Kia Has Not paid my trade in off OR GOTTEN the new Kia I got financed after 3 WEEKS. Internet!!. This place is HORRIBLE!!! On September 1st, I took my truck in to trade on a new Soul. My truck payment was due on September 5th. I did not have the money to pay the truck AND put a down payment on the car. So, the salesman suggested that I use the truck payment to put down on the car and that they would pay the balance of the truck to the other finance company. So, I turned over the keys to the truck and signed the paperwork, left the lot with the new car. I called the finance company I financed the truck through to let them know that I traded the truck in the day after I got the car. The finance manager said that I needed to bring in a few more documents to finalize the deal. I was two days late bringing the paperwork back to the dealership but when I did take it in, the guy I gave it to said that they needed it so fast because they had already sold the truck. Ok, great!! Well, here it is THREE weeks later. I get a call from the finance company I financed the truck through today and she told me that I was late on my September truck payment. I asked her if the dealership has been in contact with them and they said that they have not heard a word from them. I called the dealership after speaking with the truck finance company and the people at Kia told me that they still have not gotten my loan for the new Soul funded yet!! WHAT?? THREE weeks later and I have not been approved for a loan yet? So, I told the guy at Kia that I was just going to bring the Kia back and that I wanted my truck and the money back that I put down on the truck. They said ok, come on in. we went to the dealership and they REFUSED to give me the truck saying that I signed a BINDING contract. What contract? A contract that I dont even have a copy of? They say they mailed it. What dealership MAILS a contract? When we bought the truck, I left with a FAT thick envelope of paperwork INCLUDING the contract. I have NO proof that I am even supposed to be driving this car if I were to get pulled over. they guy in the finance dept says I told them my fiance and myself made 3800 a month PER PERSON (7600 per month) NO WAY! I told him that we had a COMBINED income of between 4000-5000. These people at this dealership do not know how to do business. So I am driving a car that is not yet financed, they have NOT paid my truck off and the finance company is calling requesting me to pay the truck. Then the guy at the dealership suggested that I pay the truck payment and that they would reimburse me. LOL. pay for a truck that I am not using? DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE.

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